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Rising Home Prices: Coming to a Market Near You

Many experts are saying that the real estate market has hit bottom and that we are starting to see an increase in asking prices.  This seems to be a trend not just a blip in the market.  As more non distressed Sellers bring their homes on the market they are not listing them at the distressed price levels.  Sellers are beginning to realize that they can list their properties for more than the last sale and are able to get more as prices begin to rise.  One word of caution is that the Buyer out there is very savvy and has been tracking them market and is willing to pay more for a non distressed sale but no a whole lot more.  As the inventory continues to dwindle Buyers have less options and are having to pay a little more for want they want.  Another interesting trend is that rents are continuing to rise which is making a lot of potential buyers go ahead and jump into the housing market and buy something at these low prices and low interest rates.   Below is a great article detailing this and breaking it down by some of the larger Metro areas in the United States.  Good reading!!!


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