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How to Tackle Your Move From Lanai to Hawaii Island

Move TacklingA move from one island to another, be it from Lanai to Hawaii Island for example, can seem like an overwhelming task at first. However, with the right forethought and planning, the move can be easy and even enjoyable.

Tips For Tackling the Move

You can sort of tackle your move by approaching it with two set initiatives. The first one is this: Treat your move like a vacation. Although it’s a task at hand – to move you and your family – across the state, if you treat it like a vacation it will be much more enjoyable. What we mean by this is we suggest you take a few extra days to do the move.

Don’t just plan to do it as quickly as possible. This is because island-hopping usually involves individual airport processes. Although a flight from island to island is often short, it still takes a half day to get into the airport and out at the next one. Just be relaxed with your move!

Secondly, you should: Use a moving company for your belongingsBecause the move will take a few days, using a singular moving company to get your things from Lanai to Hawaii will take so much stress off your back. They are in charge of your things, meaning you don’t have to worry at all during the moving days.

Lanai to Hawaii Should Be Stress-Free

Really, we think the goal of the move from one island to another is to enjoy it. Otherwise, if you’re stressing and lugging heavy boxes and furniture all across the state, you might end up injuring yourself and upsetting your family in the process. Enjoy the move and you’ll have only positive memories afterwards!

For more tips, contact Century 21 All Islands at 1-800-735-2100. Enjoy your move and your new home with us!

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