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Best Maui Surfing Spots

Honolua Bay
Located on the northwestern coast, Honolua Bay is one of Maui surfing spots favorite for skillful surfers. Surfing Honolua Bay on a good day can be the best experience of your life. Keep in mind though that you’ll be surfing with hundreds of other wave lovers. So, be sure to know what you’re doing out there in the water—the locals will make a good day bad if you do something wrong.

Maui Surfing Spots - Honolua Bay
Photo: Aussie Assault | Honolua Bay

Olowalu, also known as Turtle Reef, is the most accessible spot on the island. The beach is on the west side of Maui and located about 4 miles of Lahaina, just off the Honoapiilani Highway. You can pretty much be parking to riding the waves in two minutes. You might find it difficult to catch a wave if there are more than 15 surfers at the peak. Surf with caution, these waters have been known to be frequented by sharks.

Hookipa Beach Park
Hookipa Beach Park is the most dependable surf spot on Maui. This is windsurfing and kiteboarding heaven. Professional windsurfing competitions are held here. If you’re thinking about surfing here, you’d better be skilled enough for the conditions.

Maalaea Harbor – Freight Train
The wave called Maalaea, also known as Freight Train, is often referred to as the world’s fastest rideable wave. It is a right-hander off the breakwall and over a shallow reef and is rideable only during large southerly swells. One wave can treat 10-15 surfers to their own barrel on the right day.

Lahaina Harbor
Lahaina and the harbor have surf spots all over. The best waves are found at the left and right side of the jetty. Local surf schools carry out their lessons on the inside right on most days. Don’t let the many beginner surfers ease your guard down into a false sense of security. The sharp reef at the bottom can cause harm to your body and/or surfboard if you come into contact with it.

Pe’ahi – Jaws
One of the most famous or infamous Maui surfing spots is Pe’ahi, also known as Jaws. It only breaks a few times a year. Jaws needs monster north swell to wake up the beast. Life begins to stir when the waves get over 15-20 feet. Jet skis are necessary to reach the big waves. The annual Billabong XXL Global Big Wave contest is held here. When the Jaws is blasting, you’ll find top name big wave surfers flocking here.

Maui Surfing Spots - Peahi JawsPhoto: Jeff Rowley | Peahi “Jaws”


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