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Hawaii Residential Solar System Credits Effective 2013

Hawaii is blessed with lots of great sunshine.  Many Hawaii home owners are taking advantage of this by using solar energy to heat water or help power their homes.  This not only saves money but it helps reduce environmental pollution … Continue reading

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Mortgage Relief Tax Exemption Set To Expire

WASHINGTON — Beginning on Jan. 1, people who lose their home to foreclosure will be required to pay federal taxes on any unpaid mortgage the bank can’t recoup through an auction. The same will be true for homeowners whose loan … Continue reading

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Proposed Vacation Rental Legislation in Hawaii

If I may put my two cents in? It’s apparent to me there are two driving factors in the proposed legislation in Hawaii to force vacation rental owners to use a licensed property manager. Right now they are only required to … Continue reading

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3.8% Tax on the Sale of Your Home

Beginning January 1, 2013, a 3.8 percent tax on some investment income will take effect.  The tax was passed by Congress in 2010 to assist the funding of President Obama’s health care and Medicare plans. Unless it is repealed prior to … Continue reading

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State of Hawaii Conveyance Tax

The Conveyance Tax is a progressive tax based on the purchase price of the real estate property. Who is responsible for paying the tax you ask? The Seller is responsible for payment and liability of the tax, unless ….. Continue reading

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