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Market Conditions Creating Opprotunities for Real Estate Investors

The growing number of renters in the market combined with low home prices and historically low interest rates is creating a phenomenal opportunity for the real estate investor.  There are tremendous deals right now in the real estate market.  And many of the savy investors are taking advantage.  As tightening credit grips the lending world many people who want to buy cannot and so they in turn have to rent.  So investors with cash or access to lending are taking advantage of this and buying cheap homes and renting them out.  But dont just take my word for it read the article below.

Market conditions very appealing to investors


A interesting side note is that usually renting is less expensive than buying buy but do to these incredible market conditions  we are starting to see that buying is becoming cheaper than renting.  According to the article bellow buying is chaeper than renting in 74% of major US cities.   Also when you buy you have a chance at fixing your home payment in for the next 30 years and not having to worry about your landlord raising your rent.  Also factor in inflation and buying a home know really starts to make a lot of financial sense.

Rent Vs Buy 


I thought these two articles were interesting and wanted to share them with you.  I hope you have found the information informative and helpful.

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