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CENTURY 21 All Islands Marketing Hawaii Real Estate in China at the Beijing Luxury Property Showcase

Marketing Hawaii Real Estate in Beijing China

CENTURY 21 All Islands Beijing China Luxury Property Showcase Staff

Eric Bricker, RB and James W. “Jim” Wright, RB, of CENTURY 21 All Islands, are in Beijing attending the Beijing Luxury Property Showcase.

After travelling over 16 hours, they arrived the day before the event. The morning of, they setup the CENTURY 21 All Islands booth and put in a full day’s work at the trade show. Jim and Eric are in Beijing, China to promote Hawaii Real Estate to the Chinese market. They are handing out brochures and property information written in Mandarin Chinese. They also have two great interpreters, Fiona and Lynn, helping communicate with Chinese buyers. The show’s attendance is excellent and the attendees are showing interest in Hawaii properties. CENTURY 21 All Islands’ President, Jim Wright, had two interviews with Chinese publications: China Daily, the major newspaper, and Villa Magazine, an upscale real estate magazine.

Jim will be giving an educational class and presentation at the Beijing Luxury Property Showcase about living and buying properties in Hawaii. The goal is to inform the affluent Chinese buyers about our climate, culture and Hawaii lifestyle, and how to buy and hold property in Hawaii.  CENTURY 21 All Islands have several bilingual Chinese speaking agents working out of the Hawaii offices who are able to assist Chinese buyers who desire to make real estate investments.

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