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Will my children want to move to Hawaii?


Who out there has wanted or dreamed of moving to Hawaii? Who out there has not because they do not want to take their children away from their comfort zone? This was one of the worries my wife and I had. We have a 13 year old and a 1-1/2 year old.

You and your wife have made up your minds to move. You have fallen in love with an area. One of the first things you and your wife will talk about is your children. If you have young children the decision might be easier or, it might be harder, it all depends on your personal situation. Having babies makes taking them away from grandparents harder, and having teenagers makes taking them away from friends harder. The decision can soon become overwhelming and based on the negatives vs. the positives.

The things you perceive as negatives are easier to measure than some of the unknown positives. What I am saying is, in your mind you think taking your children away from what they know is going to be hard in many ways. We naturally think this way first, and fail to think in ways of change might be better. Change is inevitable, it’s better to expose your children to change than not. You don’t want your children to go into their adult life without any change along the way. What if you looked at moving to Hawaii as an education for your children? New schools, new home, new friends, new culture, new adventures…

How many of you would have loved to move to Hawaii when you were growing up? I’m not sure many of us even think about moving when we are young. I encourage all of you thinking about moving to Hawaii to involve your children in most of the discussion. If you are excited it will be easier for your children to get excited, and view moving to Hawaii as a positive not a negative. We involved our 13 year old in so much he finally said “all you do is talk about but you’ll never really do it”

People move all the time. They move mainly because of their job and not because they really want to. Normally its not to a beautiful island in the pacific either, but more like a state in the Midwest or a city you have never heard of. Moving also doesn’t have to be forever. Maybe you and your wife decide to give it a few years and if you don’t like it you move back from where you came from. This makes it easier on you and your children. Everyone likes an out if they don’t like something. Forever can sound scary.

We have been in Kauai for 7 months now. Our children love it! My 13 year old says “I can’t imagine moving back to Kansas, there is so much more here” He has new friends and  loves his new school. He is trying new things that were not available in Kansas. He has embraced the changes and so have we. None of us can imagine moving back. Kauai is now our home, and we invite you to come share it with us.

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