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Best Tips to Find a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Find a Real Estate Agent A good agent is an expert sales person with a proven ability to close deals. You need to find a real estate agent who understands you, is knowledgeable about the market, and makes things happen quickly. Hawaii Moves wants to help you by offering the following tips for identifying a reliable agent.

Online Search

Start your search on the internet. Successful sales tools include more than just classified ads and business cards. Having a robust internet presence is critical. Find a real estate agent online with a professional website and profile. Browse current listings of other properties the agent is representing. Skim through any blogs or articles the agent may have written. Consider how appealing the overall presentation is and how high the agent ranks on search results.

The Interview

Meet with several potential agents before agreeing to work with one. The interview process is your chance to evaluate how effectively the agent performs in person. In addition to asking the standard questions about fees and methods, pay attention to nonverbal indicators. Is the agent confident? Does the agent connect with your personality and inspire open communication? Does the agent appear knowledgeable and engender a feeling of trust? A good agent will have all of the interpersonal skills necessary to make sales and will easily demonstrate these qualities to you.

An Agent’s Background

A qualified agent will always have a current license, but an excellent agent is credentialed beyond the basic legal requirements. Ask your agent about their training and any additional certifications he may have. The best agents love what they do. They spend time developing their skills through continuing education courses and workshops, and they often get involved with local professional organizations.

Professional Network

You may find a real estate agent through a referral from a family member or friend, but agents also network with other professionals. Ask the agent whom they regularly do business with. An agent develops a reputation with other agents, mortgage brokers, and contractors. A simple phone call to ask other professionals about their experiences with the agent can help to clarify your expectations.

At Hawaii Moves, we want your real estate selling experience to be as productive as possible. If you have questions regarding your choice of agent, feel free to call us at 1-800-735-2100.

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