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Tips for Packing Your Wine Collection

If you are lucky enough to collect wine and are moving home, it’s highly important that you pack and transport your collection safely, taking everything into consideration. There are a number of professional moving companies who can help you with moving your wine. Conduct research and speak to a professional mover to establish what they can offer you, if it’s the road you want to go down.

Packing Your Own Wine Collection

If you don’t wish to use a professional mover and want to pack your wine collection yourself, use appropriate packing supplies. Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard boxes are good packing resources when it comes to bottles or boxes of wine, and ensures the wines safety. Always remember, however, that when packing wine, it should be placed and packed on its side, just as it would sit in your home.

The Transportation of Wine

You need to decide how you will be transporting your wine. Will you take it with you in your vehicle on the day of the move? Or do you wish to enlist the help of a professional mover or courier to relocate your collection for you? You need to think about what the safest option is. Both have their pros and cons, but a professional moving van be temperature controlled which will prevent the wine from spoiling. Many collectors don’t know that during transit, bottle shock can occur which can result in a loss of flavour. To ensure there is no loss of flavour, allow your wine to rest for seven days before opening.

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