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Top 10 Most Yelp Reviewed-Rated Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei

From tiki bars to ice cream shops to barbeque stops, here is the Top 10 list of most reviewed and rated restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei according to Yelp.*

1. Bar Acuda | Tapas Bar
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 1
Bar Acuda is Kauai’s coolest place to relax with friends, share tapas and sip some wine. Chef and owner Jim Moffat’s culinary sensibility originates from the people and food he experienced during years of travel to the Mediterranean regions of Europe – including Southern France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

2. The Dolphin | Seafood, Sushi Bar
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 4
Since the early 1970’s, the Dolphin restaurant has been a favorite of visitors and locals alike. They are known for the freshest cuts in seafood, second to none service, nostalgic riverside ambiance, and a world-class sushi lounge.

3. Kalypso Island Bar & Grill | Traditional American, Hawaiian
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 6
Kalypso offers daily food and drink specials. Customers seem to enjoy the array of pupu platters this establishment has to offer.

4. Tahiti Nui | Seafood, Hawaiian
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 9
Tahiti Nui has been family-run and operated since opening in May 1963. Today, it continues to serve and entertain patrons with the same casual and romantic vibe. If you’re looking for onolicious food, live music and a warm, friendly atmosphere, Tahiti Nui in the heart of Hanalei will welcome you with open arms.

5. The Hanalei Gourmet | Deli, Café, Desserts
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 5
The Hanalei Gourmet is committed to serving the finest of fresh local produce, dolphin-free tuna, low sodium meats, fresh-baked whole grain breads, and homemade dressings for an incredible Pacific Rim dining adventure in a warm, aloha-friendly atmosphere.

6. Postcards Café | Seafood, Wine Bar, Vegan
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 8
Postcard Café proudly serves seafood and gourmet vegetarian cuisine. Their exceptionally fresh meals are prepared with an abundance of organic ingredients, including island-grown produce. They use no meat, poultry, refined sugar, or foods with chemical additives. Many of their dishes are vegan or can be customized for you.

7. Bouchon’s Hanalei | Seafood
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 2
Patrons of Bouchon’s Hanalei enjoys the ambiance this restaurant offers—picturesque mountain and waterfall views. They serve lunch and dinner.

8. Chicken in a Barrel | Barbeque
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 3
Surfing an ocean wave isn’t the only way to enjoy a barrel. Chicken in a Barrel use custom made drum barrel to cook all their featured meats. This one-of-a-kind cooking style is referred to as “smoked barbecue”. Brought from the foothills of California, this new spin on barbecue is the newest, phenomenal grilling wonder.

9. Pink’s Creamery | Ice Cream & Yogurt, Juice Bar & Smoothies, Sandwiches
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 7
A favorite stop in the North Shore of Kauai, Pink’s Creamery satisfies the ice cream craving for both visitors and locals alike.

10. Tiki Iniki | Tiki Bar, Breakfast & Lunch
Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei - 10
Tiki Iniki is a place for coming together to sip fresh squeezed drinks and sample island cuisine sourced by local farmers.

See the full list with details for Restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei.


*Yelp search result for restaurants in Princeville and Hanalei is from October 24, 2017. List subject to change.


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