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Proposed Vacation Rental Legislation in Hawaii

If I may put my two cents in? It’s apparent to me there are two driving factors in the proposed legislation in Hawaii to force vacation rental owners to use a licensed property manager. Right now they are only required to … Continue reading

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Not Just The Maui Real Estate Market

Have you noticed a trend? If you are a buyer in the under $500K market, and particularly under $300K, you will have noticed there are many other people just like you! A lot of people in fact. The era of … Continue reading

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Kite Boarding – A Beginner’s Tale Day 2

So the second day of my journey to achieve nirvana on the waves, was as big a learning curve as Day 1.  The view from the heights of Kula looking down toward the north shore of Maui’s isthmus was spectacular. … Continue reading

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Kahului Market has Crossed Over!

For the past few months my agents having been feeling the pinch when it comes to finding the right property for their buyers. As Act 48 takes effect on the supply of REO’s coming down the pipeline, the number of … Continue reading

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The Price Gap is Closing

Over the past couple of weeks, our office has experienced a significant up-tick in buyer behavior, and we aren’t the only ones! New listings in certain market categories, particularly REO’s, are getting 8-12 offers within the first 24 hours, the … Continue reading

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