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Home Purchasing Power Jumps To New Highs

With mortgage rates down to all-time lows, you can buy a lot more home for your money these days. Home affordability is at an all-time high. Continue reading

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Mortgage Payments Fall To All-Time Lows

Today’s mortgage rates are a bargain as compared to just 1 year ago. Continue reading

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30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Rates Fall To 3.78% Nationwide

For the fifth consecutive week, conforming 30-year fixed rate mortgage rates have dropped to new all-time lows. Continue reading

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Home Affordability Reaches New High In Q1 2012

Never before in recorded history have so many homes been affordable to households earning a moderate annual income. Continue reading

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Make A Mortgage Rate Plan Ahead Of The Jobs Report

Been shopping for a mortgage rate? You may want to lock something down. Tomorrow morning, mortgage rates are expected to change. Unfortunately, we don’t know in which direction they’ll move. Continue reading

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Mortgage Rates Fall Back Below 4%

After a brief run-up two weeks ago, mortgage rates are back below 4 percent. Continue reading

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Mortgage Rates Climb Sharply After Retail Sales Report

The U.S. economy is expanding, fueled by a renewed consumer optimism and increased consumer spending. Continue reading

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Home Affordability Reaches An All-Time High

Home affordability moved higher last quarter, boosted by the lowest mortgage rates in history, a rise in median income, and slow-to-recover home prices. Continue reading

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With Retail Sales And Consumer Confidence Rising, Home Prices Are Expected To Follow

If you have plans to buy a home in 2012, the best time to buy may be now. Today’s mortgage rates are low and so are the home prices — a combination that’s unlikely to last. Continue reading

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