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Improve Your Credit Score To Get Better Mortgage Rates

Borrowers with high credit scores get access to lower mortgage rates and can find the mortgage approval process to be more smooth than borrowers with low credit scores. Continue reading

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How To Improve Your FICO Score

The credit score average for approved mortgage applicant was 750 last month. From The Today Show from NBC, here are basic tips to maximize your FICO. Continue reading

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Simple Tips To Keep Your FICO High

For today’s home buyers and refinancing households, the value of “good credit” has never been higher. Continue reading

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Quick Tips : Boost Your Credit Score For Better Mortgage Rates

Lenders are reserving lowest rates for the customers with high FICOs. Here’s a few ways to improve your credit score quickly. Continue reading

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Banks Start To Loosen Up In Underwriting

After a half-decade of tightening mortgage guidelines, banks are starting to “loosen up”. Continue reading

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This Holiday Season, Think Twice Before Saving 15 Percent At The Register

With Halloween behind us, retailers are in the Holiday Spirit. Businesses know that consumers spent a median $556 on holiday gifts last year and they want this year to be just as strong. Continue reading

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