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How To Improve Your FICO Score

The credit score average for approved mortgage applicant was 750 last month. From The Today Show from NBC, here are basic tips to maximize your FICO. Continue reading

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How To Help Your Home Appraise At Its Fair Market Value

Home appraisals thwart 33 percent of home purchase contracts nationwide. Here are steps you can take to help your home appraise at value. Continue reading

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Making Coupon-Free Savings At The Supermarket

With grocery bills rising, use these money-saving tips to get through the supermarket faster and with less money spent. Continue reading

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How To Beat The Bacteria In Your Kitchen

Along with bathrooms, kitchens are the most bacteria-heavy rooms in a home. Here’s how to keep yours clean. Continue reading

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Insurance Policies : Which Do You Need, Which Should You Skip?

Just because an insurance policy is available, that doesn’t mean you should buy it. Continue reading

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Tax Tips : What To Do With Your Tax Refund

The typical U.S. taxpayer will receive roughly $3,000 in federal income tax refunds this year, an average of $250 per month. What would you do with an extra $250 per month? Continue reading

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Are You Wasting $471 Per Month On Your Mortgage?

Mortgage rates are low but can’t stay low forever. Here’s how you can join the current Refi Boom. Continue reading

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Quick Tips : Boost Your Credit Score For Better Mortgage Rates

Lenders are reserving lowest rates for the customers with high FICOs. Here’s a few ways to improve your credit score quickly. Continue reading

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Will Home Values Rise This Year?

Will your home gain value over the next 12 months? Nobody can know for sure, but should recent housing trends continue, there’s concrete reason for optimism. Continue reading

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Using Home Generators? Here’s How To Stay Safe.

Home generators are a leading cause of poisoning by carbon monoxide. Before turning yours on, follow these important safety tips. Continue reading

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